DIY Liquid Soap SUCCESS!!!


I decided to try a DIY soap recipe on Pinterest… Homemade Liquid Hand/Body Soap

I got the Directions from this blog:

I will show how this soap making adventure worked for me, but for the recipe/tutorial, click on her link!!!

I decided to make 1/2 a recipe to try things out, plus the biggest pot I had only held a little more than 1/2 a gallon of water without risking spilling. So I grated my soap, got my ingredients, I’m all ready to go!

Waiting for things to melt took patience… I can’t wait to see if it works!!!

It melted!!! It’s hard to believe that this watery mix will become liquid soap…Now it’s time to wait and see what happens.The next day… I have a clumpy soap mixture! I can’t believe it was water before I went to bed!

It reminds me of Gak.

Getting the lumps out…

 IT WORKED!!! I have a smooth liquid soap. I left my soap mixture thicker, added some lilac soap fragrance I got at a craft store, and now plan to use it as body wash during this summer/spring season. Lilac is one of my favorite smells from a flower, however I am HORRIBLY allergic to them, so I’m so glad I can enjoy the smell without getting sick!!!

Storing my soap was NO problem! I am a Diet Coke addict and recycle bottles every week! I chose not to add any color to my soap… although my friend mentioned coloring the soap, putting it into soda bottles, and labeling it with soda names for gifts.

 GREAT idea! That might have to be my next DIY liquid soap experiment!

Here it is, Lilac Body Wash!!!


I wish I could say this was my first try, but it wasn’t! My first attempt was a FAIL!!!

I refuse to call this a TRUE fail, but here it is…

This was my 1st attempt…

     SOMETHING in the sensitive skin formula will not allow it to set up into liquid soap. Everything went great until I checked it the next morning and it was still a watery mix. I then TRIED to use a blender, etc. but all I got was a foamy soap. I put the “foam” into a soda bottle and the next day…

      It settled more than 1/2 way down the bottle. I then realized that when I used a mixer to blend it, all I did was add air.

      If you compare my lilac body wash to the sensitive skin formula, you will see that the water settles on the sensitive skin formula to the bottom of the bottle and leaves a foam soap above that… so my warning/thought:

DO NOT use sensitive skin formulas if you want a true liquid soap.

     I do think the sensitive skin formula would work GREAT in a foaming soap dispenser. I have not tried it yet, but it’s a thought.

For right now, I am enjoying my DIY body wash!

Thank you:


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