Refridgerator Paper Clips out of Mouse Trap


Checking out at the hardware store…

Another customer: “Oh, my… Do you have a rodent problem?”

Me: “NO!!! I am going to craft.”

     I got this idea from Pinterest 🙂

     I give credit to this blog: Dollar Store Crafts, for the great idea!!

     Click Here for their blog and to see other great ideas:

 Materials needed:

               -Wooden Mouse Traps

               -Spackle (nail hole filler)

               -Sand paper (fine-med)


               -Wire cutter

               -Clamps (optional: I used them to hold up the metal piece while I painted the other side)

               -Paint of your choice

               -Paint brushes

               -Stickers/paper cut-outs/whatever you want to decorate your magnet clip with!

               -Mod Podge

        Step 1: Buy wooden mouse traps and supplies. The traps I ended up having the best results with were the CHEAP mouse traps. When buying the traps, look to see it the words are cheaply painted on… the “nicer” traps I used, the paint was very hard to sand off and the wording was also indented into the traps. If you are going to cover up all the indented wording with paper, that will be okay, but if you are not the wording sticks out even after multiple layers of paint.

Step 2: Remove the trap’s arm/pin with a pliers (Please do this!!! Nobody wants their fingers snapped off!!!)

Step 3: Use a wire cutter to snip the metal piece off in the middle. This can be optional if you like it there… it won’t hurt anything to leave it.

 Step 4: Fill the staple holes with spackle. Let it dry. Sand the trap mostly focusing on getting the wording off (If you are not using dark paint, or covering it with decorations, this is a necessary step. The wording shows through most paint I tried).

 Step 5: Paint your traps. Just keep in mind your decorations for the color you paint them, paint each part until it is well covered leaving drying time between each layer. Then painting the side of the trap with the wire clamp, I used a wood clamp to hold the wire clamp at the other side of the trap.

Step 6: Apply your decorations and decopauge your traps with Mod Podge.  Make sure you leave drying time between layers (I suggest 2 layers of decopauge), especially before letting the wire clamp down on the one side. If you do not leave good drying time (12-24) your wire clamp will stick and ruin everything!

Step 7: Add magnets to back. I glue-gunned two strong circle magnets to the back (one top center, the other bottom center).

Step 8: Enjoy your DIY mouse trap refrigerator paper clip magnet!

Here are some finished traps…


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